My Writing


This is an experiment! I’ve thought for many years on how to combine my cravings for creativity. I want to create atmospheres that people can step inside. In an ideal world there’d be a format where pieces of music would fade in and out as the reader scrolls through paragraphs and poems, and words would float on to the screen as they browse and gaze at animated images. I can’t achieve that though! So I’m going to try a simplified version: a few paragraphs, a few images and clips of music. I haven’t written fiction since high school as my focus turned to uni, then work, then relationships, and then…!

I like lingering on scenes, visualising details and pausing in places like in French art house films, savouring long moments. I will try and keep each part short and sweet though. At the same time I’m going to post clips of songs as I work on them and progress through their different stages of editing, and weave it all together.

This could turn out to be a big mess of course as I’m making this up as I go along! My favourite type of writing is unplanned and spontaneous because it gives me the excitement of discovery, adventure and flow. I’ll leave the art of crafting plot and structure to the pro’s. Also the time for editing a song to completion is always different. I anticipate posting one section at a time (first verse, then chorus, then second verse etc). So the challenge is set!

Do let me know what you think – maybe we can share ideas as I go along, combine them and see what turns out?


Your thoughts

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