My Photography


You can see a selection of my favourite photos I’ve taken here.

I love taking photos, capturing moments of visual interest, with striking colours, shapes and contrasts. I fiddle with controls, press buttons, play with exposure and enjoy the moment when it all comes together.

I’m trained by instinct. I like to tinker.

My photography is instinctive, seasoned with logic (like much of what I do). That can make it hard to explain what I’m up to when others ask. I prod things, and turn dials and with practice it has all become a lot easier. My biggest guide is my feeling. When something looks good to me I get a little flutter or a little rush – that’s when I’m happy with a photo.

Need Photos or Prints?

If you need photos for an event, your business or for artistic pleasure – get in touch. I’m particularly keen to hear from vegan filmmakers, businesses, campaigners, activists to collaborate with.


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