My Music

Bench Top Colour LARGE

You can hear my tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud, click here to have a listen.

I’ve always had a burning desire to sing, composing tracks in my head. As a producer and vocalist I fuse different styles together: electronic, jazz, funk, orchestral, world, ambient, and some spoken word. I also enjoy creating my own visuals in the style of short indie films.

I featured on two vinyl releases with DJ Trax on Paradox’s label Outsider, “Used by You” and “Slip Away” and also a remix by Aphrodite of “Time Swings” by Raze & Lava Flo. In 2010 I set up my own studio and in 2014 focused on releasing my first tracks. For 2015, I’m writing more music, singing more vocals and producing my album.

I’m interested in hearing from vegan film makers, campaigners, businesses, activists, events organisers – to collaborate and support the cause. Send me a message via my contact form.


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