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Saying Sorry – Part 5 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

If you the missed them you can read the previous parts here: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 

Saying Sorry – Part 5

“Bide my time,” was the answer I gave.

It must have been the right one as my mother nodded before walking away to the dining room before calling me in. My dad was already in there. That was strange. Wasn’t he in the lounge fighting with mum just a minute ago? As I sat down I noticed Mum looked tidy again. Brown hair arranged neatly around her jaw line, a touch of eyeliner gracefully adorning her pretty eyes, and a hint of gloss shining on her lips. She had the air of confidence, intelligence and natural beauty that I grew to model myself on. But where was the cut on her lip? It wasn’t something she could have wiped away.Lips 1030

As I grew older and stronger, my training in physical skills increased, most notably in martial arts. The cellar downstairs had been converted to a dojo; a place where the principles of self-control, discipline and respect were further instilled into me. Etiquette was a critical part of the practice. No shoes on the mat, never turn your back on the life-statement, always bow to your sparring partner acknowledging their trust in you and demonstrating your trust in them. The focus was on speed of thought to deliver ‘immobilisation’. It was never on inflicting long term harm. No kicks to heads or breaking bones (too many repercussions and it only served to inspire aggression in those engaged in the fight). I was taught to move more like a dancer on a cushion of air, elegantly redirecting the force of my attacker. A brief touch on a choice nerve was enough to activate severe pain to make a person freeze into a position of fear and distress.

Bokken 1030

Once I’d understood and mastered these principles, the real training started. The training of immobilising others with mental energy. It sounded exciting when my parents explained this to me. When I was little I’d loved the thought of being a Jedi. However, much like my life, this aspect of my practice came with grey areas and blurred lines, unlike the yin yang symbol above the life statement:

“Do no harm to any person, as you yourself the first person. Through courage and non-violence, protect all sentient beings and the nature of life itself. Be always the greatest ruler, of the self and freedom, not of others.”

Every day as I recited the words before my practice, I was inspired with a noble purpose and humility. I learned fast, worked diligently and the poetic vow fired my focus and determination during the missions that started only a few years later at the age of 18…

Carly let out a big sigh and I saw the present day precipitate towards me like the bottom of a roller coaster. A few of my shards embedded in the hem of her jeans rose up and down as she walked to the local park to get some fresh air. I felt a pang of sadness rise up from the pit of her stomach, “The things I did… I’m still not past it. I was meant to have reintegrated by now. Staying silent and forgetting isn’t working. How do I work through this… Alone? I don’t think I can do it alone… James I’m scared…”

Part 6

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Saying Sorry – Part 4 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

If you the missed them you can read the previous parts here: Part 1Part 2, Part 3,

Saying Sorry – Part 4

I was jettisoned through time and space as Carly’s thoughts bounced from present to past. The vividness of the recollections were increasing, so much so that I was struggling to distinguish myself as a separate entity. I was thinking (she was thinking) about her childhood. But they weren’t glossy memories of GAP kid fashion, swings and playground smiles. They were about The Programme…

It was the most insidious training devised that penetrated our lives. Male and female – all were treated with the same rigour. This went way beyond basic “spy-dom” and infiltration. We were literally grown from seed for this.

House pic

The clever part was, there were no secrets. At least not from us. We were born into “normal” lives, with parents, a two-up two-down, primary school, middle school, high school and even some after school clubs like tennis or hockey. It was in the evenings that we received our reminders of not being normal, through our “parenting”. Every day was a lesson in toughening up, to let go of acceptance and bonding with other humans.

By the young age of 10 I’d become an obsessive perfectionist, trying harder and harder to obtain the illusive words, “Well done! I’m proud of you.” But they never came. I remember the day I thought I’d finally hear it, rushing home to share the news.

“Dad! I got 100% today. In Algebra!” I waited wide eyed for the congratulations.

“Did anyone else get 100%?”

“Yes two other people.”

“Who were they?”

“Vicky and Peter.”

My dad thought for a second and looked at me unimpressed, “Well it can’t have have been that hard then.”

He watched closely for my reaction. Any signs of weakness or sadness would result in punishment. I hid the death of my excitement and resolved to myself that I must find a way to be better than everyone else in the whole world and maybe then I’d be good enough.

The training never let up and age didn’t dictate what we were subjected to. I was only 6 years old, preparing dinner with my mum when she started teaching me Japanese. It was so hard and confusing. I kept misinterpreting the Kanji characters. But she always showed me subtle glimmers of kindness even though she wasn’t my birth mother.

“Remember. You’re special and that’s why you’re on this programme. The key is to remain calm and strong no matter how difficult a situation looks. Persevere and bide your time to find the right moment to act.”

Door Handle 2

30 minutes later, in my bedroom I was expecting the call for dinner and instead was startled by the sound of my parents shouting furiously downstairs. I crept to the top of the steps. The lounge door was closed. I heard slaps and screaming. I didn’t know what was going on. My breathing quickened. My thoughts raced. Then everything went quiet. Should I call the police? Should I stay calm and wait? The pause felt interminable… Then CLACK! The handle jolted down as the door flew open.

My mother strode out, make up smudged, hair a mess, a small cut on her lip. She looked sternly at me from the bottom of the steps, pulled her sleeves up and showed me her arms.

“These bruises are real,” she stated in a matter of fact tone. “So what are you going to do?”

Surely I was too young to know. But I was expected to know, and there were consequences for not knowing.

“Well come on!” she demanded, “Are you going to say something?”

Part 5

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Saying Sorry – Part 3 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

If you the missed them you can read the previous parts here: Part 1Part 2

Saying Sorry – Part 3

Man Human took a deep breath in before bringing himself to say “I think it’s time to call it a day.”

I started to feel hot. Intensely hot, like I’d been thrown into a fire. Carly’s eyes were bearing down on me and turned dark as storm clouds. I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong! If I wasn’t inanimate I would have started shaking with fear. I felt a hurricane of rage being channelled towards me and then snap! It happened in an instant. She threw her hand across my side launching me off the coffee table and I flew through the air past Man Human. For just a moment I was free as a bird. For the next I was colliding into the radiator and smashed into small pieces. Why would I have been woken up only to be shattered like this?

Radiator by Polly Purpose

I thought that was it, that I’d fade back to my previous incognisance. But I was still aware of what was happening, perhaps even more so now that my fixed form was broken. Man Human stayed calm as he got up and walked to the door. A piece of me sunk into the sole of his shoe as he left. Carly’s face immediately twisted up with the painful thought that years of building companionship and shared goals had vanished. Tears began to pour as she shouted “James!” but he’d gone.

As Carly started to sweep me up into a bag, tiny shards scattered further across the room and some landed on her clothes. At the same time I saw the memory of me smashing apart playing through James’ mind as he drove in his car, wondering where to go. Then an odd thing happened. I felt the flow of thought from both of them change for few seconds. Like the pause of an excited audience unanimously quietening in anticipation of an event. In that small window I pondered my own memory and saw that they were tuning into me.

I fondly remembered when James and Carly had liked me so much that they’d rescued me from The Pub. I felt so special that day. We’d all heard it was possible and 5 years ago I was chosen. I would get to experience life outside of being blasted with water 20 times a day and too many strangers’ lips pursed around my edges one after the other. James and Carly had been laughing and dancing, glugging beer from me, always getting me refilled rather than discarding me for a new glass. When they were ready to stagger home, I was still half full, so with the utmost care James placed me inside his jacket and only when they were at the top of the street did he take me out again.

The memory of me joining their household that day poured into Carly’s mind as she placed most (but not all) of me in to the kitchen bin. As she reflected on it her emotions changed from despair to sorrow to urgency – of wanting to fix what she’d done.

“But it’s not my fault,” she said to herself. “They turned me into this.”

Part 4

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Saying Sorry – Part 2 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

If you the missed it, you can read Part 1 here.

Saying Sorry – Part 2

It’s an odd sensation experiencing someone else’s thoughts. Confusing too, especially since I was receiving them from two people at once. Man-Human waited for 10 minutes in silence, before asking Lady-Human, “What’s going on Carly?” While he waited for a reply I heard him saying to himself, “I’ve been trying to understand this for years now. I have to get to the bottom of it. This time she has to explain.”

A torrent of panicky thoughts washed through me from Lady-Human (who I realised was named ‘Carly’). I could see a maze of memories she was working through, every turn leading to a dead end. She reflected on the times she’d attempted to talk through her intense reactions to innocuous events, but it never made sense because she never told the truth. She was too scared of what he’d think of her.

Wigs Down

Man-Human was losing hope, still waiting, willing Carly to speak. An intake of breath signalled that she was finally going to break the silence, but she arrived at another mental cul-de-sac and stopped the sound in her throat.

“What is it? Come on Carly, please. We can’t sit in silence forever. Are you going to talk to me?”

Dropping her eyes to her feet, she shook her head.

That’s when the most horrible feeling rushed at me. Much worse than fuzzy recollections of their fleeting arguments, or their churning stomachs from food poisoning when they’d struggled to sip water from me. It was a feeling of falling blindly into a black hole where no hope shines through, and it came from both of them.

Man-Human looked at Carly. The emotion in his eyes winded her like a car crash. She’d expected to see retaliation, disapproval maybe even disappointment. But all she saw was pure hurt and she’d never seen that in him before. She cursed at herself inaudibly “Oh God… I’ve screwed up so badly. I can’t see a way out of this. What’s going to happen?” Man-Human put his head in his hands.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

Part 3

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Saying Sorry – Part 1 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

This is an experiment! Read the Foreword here.

Saying Sorry – Part 1

Waking up for the very first time was a strange feeling. I’m not sure why it happened or why it happened to me. I was outside on the garden table where I’d been placed. They’d forgotten to put me in the communal dormitory with the others in the place called The Dishwasher. Certain memories like that came to me. I think I’d always had an underlying sense of what was going on,  in the same way as someone dozing on a public bench has, with people milling around them. Having consciousness though, made me notice things. For instance although it was 11am it was as dark as night time. That seemed odd and it made me feel cold. My molecules tensed up. It was eery. I wanted to go to Inside.

Solar Eclipse 2015
After a few failed attempts at moving I decided to stay where I was and watch the sky. I saw a dark shadow cast over the sun turning its usual burning disc into a thin crescent. As the hours passed by the shadow retreated and the sun slowly grew wider and brighter. I’m sure I could hear it singing to me. This must have been something special as every so often Lady-Human of Inside rushed outside with a camera, took a deep breath and stood as still as she could for 20 minutes at a time fixed upon it. Eventually the sun had returned to its former glory and Lady-Human looked over at me, smiled, gripped her fingers around my waist and whisked me up off the table. If I’d had eyes, I would have shut them tight!

The next thing I knew I’d returned to Inside and was on The Coffee Table. Lady-Human was sitting on the sofa. She wasn’t smiling any more though. I felt sad and empty to see this. I mean I was empty, I still hadn’t been filled up with fluid. But this was a different. It was more like an emotion and not mine but hers. She stared at me, then at the walls, then the floor and back at me. An hour elapsed and Man-Human came in. He sat down on the other end of the sofa and looked directly at her but didn’t say a word. She was about to speak but hesitated.

Part 2

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