My Xtreme Sports

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You can see my blog on surfing, mountain biking and adrenalin rushes here.

It’s been my mission in life to experience the full variety of thrills the world has to offer. My greatest thrill is surfing. My husband loves mountain biking. We both crave adrenalin rushes. I believe in living life to the fullest, staying excited and keeping fit in the process. Lets share ideas so we can keep having new experiences!

I get scared. But I do it anyway. Then I love it.

I really never thought I’d be able to do a bungee jump, or grade 5 white water rapids after falling in, getting sucked under and damaging my nose. I didn’t think I’d be able to hold my breath and free dive 16m deep, with no breathing equipment. There are so many amazing things to be experienced that I thought I’d be too afraid to do. But then I close my eyes, throw myself in and come out laughing, feeling more alive than ever before.



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