My Food


Browse through my recipes here and make something delicious! 

Cooking Intuitively

I’m passionate about fresh, tasty juices, smoothies and food. I throw things together, whatever seems right at the time (and whatever is left in the fridge!) and it feels hugely creative. I like tasting raw ingredients, especially ones I haven’t used before (like sumac) and then it goes into the memory banks, and as I taste dishes whilst cooking my tongue sends signals to add different herbs, species and veggies into the pot.

I encourage you to do the same, you can create some fantastic unplanned combinations!

Curing Candida with Food

What spurred this interest was 20 years of battling with candida, not even knowing what it was for most of them. After many failed attempts at attaining good health I finally followed Lisa Richards’ e-book and made a full recovery and I’m now in the best fitness and state of mind in my whole life. I did it by ditching the junk, throwing away packets and cooking fresh all of the time. Now I can’t get enough 🙂

Health & Fitness

Because I enjoy surfing so much, I stay in the water for a long time, usually 3 hours in the morning, an afternoon break and another 3 hours after lunch. It’s massively exhilarating but also exhausting. It’s made me very conscious of what gives me stamina and endurance, and what slows me down or leaves me feeling low.

Fresh Fruit & Veg Give me Power and Reduce Pain.

I pack in as much fruit and veg as possible, about 50% raw fruit, 25% raw salad & veg and the rest cooked. It gives me fuel, energy and no false highs. It’s easier for me to digest, stops me from getting bloated and I’m much more flexible now because it’s had a big impact on reducing inflammation (especially in my lower back).


I’ve always held the strong belief that greatness comes from using strength to protect those who are weaker than us. As a lifelong vegetarian I was taught the principles of non-violence and compassion from the start. My body moved me towards veganism from its complaints when it was fed dairy. Now after educating myself and watching some hard hitting documentaries like Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, and Cowspiracy I feel I can no longer include dairy and eggs in my diet due to the exploitation and suffering associated with it.


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