A Long Weekend in Wales (Walking in Brechfa & St Davids)

You can read about the previous activity of surfing in Llangennith here.

Back at the van Wigs has arranged the kit so it’s stable. I dry off, get changed and we head off to Brechfa to meet the boys who are out for the healthy part of Boaty’s stag do.

Boys Biking by Polly PurposeBrechfa Forest

Picnicking and eating out in the countryside is one of my all time favourite things! It reminds me of happy adventures growing up in the Peak District and family holidays in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. I make healthy salad bowl lunches for us to eat on the picnic table which fills both my belly and soul with satisfaction.

The stag is late, but that’s his style so no-one is unduly surprised. I get my camera and tootle off up the hill to find the walking trail. At the starting post I have an option of red, blue or yellow. Naturally I go for the red but it’s not that steep or difficult, especially as I was pausing to take photos.

The scenery of rivers and moss laden trees inspires me with ideas of magic and fantasy fiction – as a dreamer it’s the type of writing I love the most. The damp forest smells are wholesome and fresh with the scent of soil and ferns. When we reconvene at the van Wigs is splattered with mud! I boil myself a hot cup of Rooibos while he gets into his civvies before driving us to St Davids. Mossy Mound by Polly Purpose

Camping & Cooking

The evening is upon us. We pitch up in a delightful campsite with only 4 or 5 caravans and go up to the top field where there’s just one other van (and a crowd of rasping crows being fed by their parents who luckily simmer down by bed time)! Looking across the lush green grass out to sea from our pitch brings a sense of expanse and freedom and I feel my lungs filling with life and rejuvenation. It’s dinner time and I make a Thai Yellow curry to fuel us up for the next day. I love the cosy sound of bubbling pots.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

The next evening is perfect for a walk to ease off our legs after a tough session of land kiteboarding. Wandering out of the campsite we’re greeted with glorious views of St Bride’s bay just around the corner. The Caerfai Organic shop is on the way so we pick up some eggs as Wigs wants to keep up his protein whilst being so active. Vivd colours of wild flowers spring out of the grass that the cows are happily munching away on and the deep aquamarine sea sprays onto the cliffs. I take a few minutes to sit on a bench to enjoy the scenery and then head back to our home on wheels for a nap, just long enough to charge up for getting food in St Davids.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path by Polly Purpose Pembrokeshire Coastal Cows by Polly Purpose

Land Kiteboarding & Cycling

I’ll tell you about my experience of Cycling to Norton from Newgale and Land Kiteboarding on the beach in my next post.


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