Saying Sorry – Part 3 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

If you the missed them you can read the previous parts here: Part 1Part 2

Saying Sorry – Part 3

Man Human took a deep breath in before bringing himself to say “I think it’s time to call it a day.”

I started to feel hot. Intensely hot, like I’d been thrown into a fire. Carly’s eyes were bearing down on me and turned dark as storm clouds. I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong! If I wasn’t inanimate I would have started shaking with fear. I felt a hurricane of rage being channelled towards me and then snap! It happened in an instant. She threw her hand across my side launching me off the coffee table and I flew through the air past Man Human. For just a moment I was free as a bird. For the next I was colliding into the radiator and smashed into small pieces. Why would I have been woken up only to be shattered like this?

Radiator by Polly Purpose

I thought that was it, that I’d fade back to my previous incognisance. But I was still aware of what was happening, perhaps even more so now that my fixed form was broken. Man Human stayed calm as he got up and walked to the door. A piece of me sunk into the sole of his shoe as he left. Carly’s face immediately twisted up with the painful thought that years of building companionship and shared goals had vanished. Tears began to pour as she shouted “James!” but he’d gone.

As Carly started to sweep me up into a bag, tiny shards scattered further across the room and some landed on her clothes. At the same time I saw the memory of me smashing apart playing through James’ mind as he drove in his car, wondering where to go. Then an odd thing happened. I felt the flow of thought from both of them change for few seconds. Like the pause of an excited audience unanimously quietening in anticipation of an event. In that small window I pondered my own memory and saw that they were tuning into me.

I fondly remembered when James and Carly had liked me so much that they’d rescued me from The Pub. I felt so special that day. We’d all heard it was possible and 5 years ago I was chosen. I would get to experience life outside of being blasted with water 20 times a day and too many strangers’ lips pursed around my edges one after the other. James and Carly had been laughing and dancing, glugging beer from me, always getting me refilled rather than discarding me for a new glass. When they were ready to stagger home, I was still half full, so with the utmost care James placed me inside his jacket and only when they were at the top of the street did he take me out again.

The memory of me joining their household that day poured into Carly’s mind as she placed most (but not all) of me in to the kitchen bin. As she reflected on it her emotions changed from despair to sorrow to urgency – of wanting to fix what she’d done.

“But it’s not my fault,” she said to herself. “They turned me into this.”

Part 4

The next paragraphs and chorus are here!


4 thoughts on “Saying Sorry – Part 3 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

    1. Polly Purpose Post author

      Hey Vafann! That’s so awesome of you to say that 😀 Made my day. You can have a browse here if you have some time: or It would great to have your opinion. My other songs might be harder to get into – they’re like little stories but not so upbeat (apart from Coffee House).

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