Saying Sorry – Part 1 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

This is an experiment! Read the Foreword here.

Saying Sorry – Part 1

Waking up for the very first time was a strange feeling. I’m not sure why it happened or why it happened to me. I was outside on the garden table where I’d been placed. They’d forgotten to put me in the communal dormitory with the others in the place called The Dishwasher. Certain memories like that came to me. I think I’d always had an underlying sense of what was going on,  in the same way as someone dozing on a public bench has, with people milling around them. Having consciousness though, made me notice things. For instance although it was 11am it was as dark as night time. That seemed odd and it made me feel cold. My molecules tensed up. It was eery. I wanted to go to Inside.

Solar Eclipse 2015
After a few failed attempts at moving I decided to stay where I was and watch the sky. I saw a dark shadow cast over the sun turning its usual burning disc into a thin crescent. As the hours passed by the shadow retreated and the sun slowly grew wider and brighter. I’m sure I could hear it singing to me. This must have been something special as every so often Lady-Human of Inside rushed outside with a camera, took a deep breath and stood as still as she could for 20 minutes at a time fixed upon it. Eventually the sun had returned to its former glory and Lady-Human looked over at me, smiled, gripped her fingers around my waist and whisked me up off the table. If I’d had eyes, I would have shut them tight!

The next thing I knew I’d returned to Inside and was on The Coffee Table. Lady-Human was sitting on the sofa. She wasn’t smiling any more though. I felt sad and empty to see this. I mean I was empty, I still hadn’t been filled up with fluid. But this was a different. It was more like an emotion and not mine but hers. She stared at me, then at the walls, then the floor and back at me. An hour elapsed and Man-Human came in. He sat down on the other end of the sofa and looked directly at her but didn’t say a word. She was about to speak but hesitated.

Part 2

The next paragraphs and first verse of the song are here!


6 thoughts on “Saying Sorry – Part 1 (Fiction Short Story, Music & Photos)

    1. Polly Purpose Post author

      Hi Vafann! No, not foggy at all, that’s exactly it 😀 I had in mind a pint glass that we’ve had for many years and wanted to bring together the song I’m writing as well as photos and a fantasy element. What do you think – would it make you want to read the next part? Too long, too short?


    1. Polly Purpose Post author

      Thank you for your kind comments Shivani. I’m glad that my blog name and purpose of it make sense 🙂 I’ll have a look at the link. Hope you enjoy my stories here – the next part of Saying Sorry is out tomorrow (just need to finished the section of music to go with it!)



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