How I Celebrated My 40th Birthday (Monday & Tuesday)

(If you missed the first two posts you can read them here: 1. Saturday, 2. Sunday )

This was turning out to be a series of delights that really made my heart sing, spending time with my best friend Wigs.

Monday & Tuesday

Blue GingerOn Monday I’m really pleased to see Wigs when he gets back from work. He has a few urgent tasks to complete which he promises will be done by 7:30pm (and they are). Then we walk hand in hand to our local Thai restaurant for their vegan night and have a delicious meal with bubbly conversation that makes me smile.

906013_1004901292875860_351341079028471102_oOn Tuesday the actual day of my birthday, I’m given instructions  to open the big cardboard box that has been waiting patiently in the hallway for the last few days. It turns out to be exactly what I wanted and I also get a flyboarding session to be enjoyed later on!

Wigs leaves work a little early and the weather is spectacular. He wants to know what I’d like to do for the afternoon and evening. I say that I’d be ecstatic if we went for a long walk to the city centre park taking photos along the way. He suggests alternatives, like another motorbike ride instead.  Walking doesn’t make sense to him –  it’s slow and there’s no adrenalin. But I love it like a puppy would, taking in colours, sights, smells, touching leaves and flowers as I go. I jump up and down on the spot with hopeful eyes. He wants to make my birthday special and agrees to go walking and even finds an extra long adventurous route so we can enjoy the park and woods all the more.

11180367_1004568466242476_841815629_oWe stroll out of the park, stop for a glass of wine in a beer garden and at the end of the day pass by our favourite curry house for dinner before we make it home, kick the shoes off our tired feet and sleep soundly ready for a new day.

Final Weekend, Saturday

Read about the last weekend of celebrations starting with Final Weekend, Saturday.


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