Setting up Blogs & Separating my Interests

It’s been a full time job setting up my blogs so I can enjoy using them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it but now I’m exhausted! It reminded me of the creative side of software development (the visuals and creating materials that others can interact with). It also reminded me of why I left it behind – all the technical pain, the settings, the customisation and the dreaded HTML!

The templates on wordpress have really impressed me. And it prompted me to update my own site which I built via I don’t think the 1and1 templates are as good and there’s no blog feature, but it’s a bit like an online house that I bought years ago and don’t want to sell, so I’ve redecorated it as best as I could!

I checked very carefully whether to put everything in one blog or separate my interests out. I don’t think there’s fixed answer. In the end my instinct told me to separate it out. One of the reasons is that on Facebook some ‘friends’ were saying “too many smoothies! not enough sport,” whilst others would only comment on photos, and others only wanted to see my thrill-seeking.

I do like the separation. I don’t feel like I need to censor or hide any aspect now. I can be colourful and vibrant in my own way, with each area and not worry that people are getting swamped. I’m especially happy to discover so many creative blogs on wordpress and so much interaction. How lovely! Why didn’t I do this before?


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