About The Whole Me

Lava Flo Renaissance Lady

I’m a Renaissance Man, a Polymath. Lets be great at lots of things!

I’m not going to invent perpetual energy as well as winning olympic gold as well as inventing a cure for a disease. To me that type of poly is about hero-workship, about being “the best” and doing something no-one else has yet. I’m talking about being good, even great at lots of things.

I’m dedicating these pages to everyone out there that revels in the richness of life, the vast and broad experiences and colourful events all waiting for the taking. This is about feeling great about having many different interests, nurturing your many different talents, and breaking free from devoting your life to one sole purpose, and instead flourishing in each and every one of them. We are whole people and we should celebrate that.

My Life’s Purpose. I don’t fit in.

It does feel hard to fit in when your purpose in life is – life itself: discovery, exploration, thrills, supporting others, learning, creativity, science, health, wellbeing, imagination and the list goes on. I’ve thought long and hard for many years about my “one true calling”. I don’t have only one. There isn’t one thing I love more than anything else. I didn’t wake up at the age of three knowing all I wanted to do was be a pianist or a surgeon or a 100m sprinter. However I have always believed one thing firmly since I was tiny – life is about experiencing joy in hundreds of different ways, through nature, imagination, physicality, open mindedness and being brave.

What’s the Good of That. Isn’t that selfish?

Granted, I won’t be able to teach the future of today by becoming a professor of a niche area within a particular discipline. I will be enriched though and complete. I’ve maintained a sense of excitement for most of my life by living this way. If I experience joy I’ll be in a better place to share that feeling. So my purpose is to enrich lives, by starting with myself and enriching my own. And remember that these ‘topics’, areas and ‘disciplines’ are manmade. So throw the categories wide open and be great at everything you want to.


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